Tops made for growing bellies


Our inspiration came from our sister Erica. She was the first person in our immediate family to get pregnant so needless to say we were all very excited. Erica is one of these women who always looks beautiful and put together... the kind of person who would iron her pajamas (a little crazy, but fabulous none the less). To no one's surprise, she looked amazing during her pregnancy with glowing skin, a perfect bump, and a fantastic maternity wardrobe... UNTIL... she reached her 6th month.


After six months, many of the tops that Erica had been wearing started to stretch out and lose their shape. Those that kept their shape started to ride up. She spent the last few months of her pregnancy pulling down her once-flattering maternity tops. And around the same time a few close friends became pregnant and we watched them go through the same experience. We looked around and realized that many pregnant women are having this problem.

That's when we decided to create core maternity tops that would grow with you throughout your pregnancy without riding up or loosing their shape. We envisioned the perfect top that you could “live in”… a beautiful basic underpinning for the office, an afternoon at the gym or a night out.


It took several years of developing, fitting, and testing numerous prototypes, but we finally got it right. We're proud to say that our little company now offers the PERFECT maternity top. Get a tank for yourself or give one as a gift. We hope you will love it at much as we do.

Elegantly simple tops for maternity and beyond